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Tiny Witchie

I GUESS outdoors in summer is okay sometimes

And here is pink wig as it will appear with my face on Sunday! I might put a little pink or whitey-silver shimmer on my eyelids if I have the patience (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The other day I wore my super-long hair with casual clothes and it looked pretty deadly, wahey!

Rehashed an old coord but tidied it up a bit!

I really need to start wearing my real hair with Lolita again, I really like how it looked today!

I managed to take a photo of my face where I’m not doing a weird Malfoy smirk. Hurrah!

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Today I ended up all dressed up with nowhere to go, as it started lashing rain just before I left the house (you can even see it through the door in the photo! D:). Regardless, here’s a simple sweet ensemble I was intending to wear today!

JSK, Bag, Plush Charm, Shoes, Headbow: Baby
Blouse: Angelic Pretty

Second last exam today!

I’m sideways and my purples don’t match.

Somewhat traditional/oldschool gothic today.

GOOD NEWS: Cake Appliqué is HERE
BAD NEWS: It doesn’t like my petticoat and my petticoat doesn’t like it either.

I'm Josephine.
Studying Early and Modern Irish in Trinity <3
I wear frilly dresses, drink too much tea, and either sleep too much or not enough.
I post Lolita (including outfit posts), pretty fashions, and other cute stuff.

One of my biggest problems is not knowing whether I want to be a Magical Girl, Morticia Addams, or Professor McGonagall.

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