Book suitcase! Books for study and some books for relaxed reading. SO MANY BOOKS.

Anyone on Goodreads?

I want more goodreads friends ;-;

Here’s mine

♡ 0 ♡

Okay, I’m just going to disregard half of my reading list and come up with a new plan.

Finish reading The Hobbit.
Read The Lord of the Rings. All of it.
THEN read Parade’s End.
ALL BEFORE Parade’s End airs.

Now, I must go, my books need me.

I’m also supposed to be watching a trillion episodes of Doctor Who but whatever. 

♡ 2 ♡

Re-reading Order of the Phoenix

And for some reason I can’t disassociate Umbridge from Silver Ravenwolf.

Oh lawd, why.

They don’t even.

♡ 5 ♡

Can’t Read My, Can’t Read My, No He Can’t Read My Hunger Games

(She’s don’t loan books to nobody)

♡ 3 ♡